Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where I am in life now.

Step F (after editing)
My idea of the perfect carier is work in discovery.I'm going to become a journalist , for three reasons.First,I'm fascinated to seek discovery and the truth from each case or news which is unreveal the behind of the story until they are really care about it.Second,I enjoy to explore new things. I like to know more deeply about something that I meet or something when I'm going to somewhere at someplace.Third, I enjoy to meet successful person such as an artist or an expertist to learn the skill from them in order to wide my experience. The problem came when people found my mistake and keep blaming me for misunderstood article that I wrote.However,I'm really need to against that problem by focusing and always be careful by all the time while doing my work.

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mima said...

Good structure, but watch your mechanics especially the spacing. Use the editing feature her to edit your work. Remember, this particular paragraph is graded.