Sunday, January 18, 2009

nice to say hi to mdm azimah

salam,how r u ?if u still open to my bloggger, plz reply now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The television commercial the new of Pepsi are so creative, funny and full of style. First, it is as creative as you can see there are someone tries to steal his friend drink by fight over him. For examples, they are using the Kung fu to fight each other and suddenly his friend’s drop his head which actually using people behind the scene being part of his body. Next, it is so funny that they are using people behind the scene to create a style for their fight. For examples, they are fighting with full of hilarious actions at living hall and kitchen. Moreover, it also full of style .For examples, they are fight with slow motion movement and his friend is try to climb at the wall. After a while, there are still no winners until suddenly a woman appears and open her black mask and quickly catch the drink. Finally, she won to taste the maximum taste of Pepsi without the sugar and it is successfully to promote the commercial with so creative, funny and full of style.

Practise using Adjectives and Adverbs

In this commercial,there are a boy and girl where they are riding a bicycle in the park. First, they hurt their elbows skin with bruise when they are bump their bicycle.Then there is a man who selling delicious ice-cream at the end of the road.Next, the man use his rough hand to fix the couple's bicycles .After a while,the couple sees the differences because the man turn their bicycles into dwi-riding bicycles.After that,the guy who is having good look treat the beautiful girl a new taste of chocolate ice-cream.At the end, they look happy and smile to each other face.


Advertistment at games or movies Companies creat products and services with target to successfully advertising get people attract to own and buy their their product. First reason is because the product give good image and convince to use them.Advertisment at games creat to make youth or games lover to feel proud use that product. For example, Sony is famous with playstation games as it trademark. It's attract people because it show it good quality such as buy Sony's radio set. Another reason is advertisement at movies can attract people to use certain product like Saif Ali Khan the Bollywood's actor who is busy in his carier always keep looking clean hair without dandruff or hair fall problem . From that reasons ,people who want to have good look can get their product to be like him. Lastly, they can use famous brand or model as their market strategy but the most important here,they want the consumers want get the advantages and take care of the safety from the products so that it will last used until next generations and furthur years .

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where I am in life now.

Step F (after editing)
My idea of the perfect carier is work in discovery.I'm going to become a journalist , for three reasons.First,I'm fascinated to seek discovery and the truth from each case or news which is unreveal the behind of the story until they are really care about it.Second,I enjoy to explore new things. I like to know more deeply about something that I meet or something when I'm going to somewhere at someplace.Third, I enjoy to meet successful person such as an artist or an expertist to learn the skill from them in order to wide my experience. The problem came when people found my mistake and keep blaming me for misunderstood article that I wrote.However,I'm really need to against that problem by focusing and always be careful by all the time while doing my work.


1) Something I learned about the secrets of happiness in work
In future, there will be a hundreds or thousands of numbers whose are unemployee.These numbers could decrease if all employee found their secret of happiness in work . Maybe they are too demanded for a better position or high salary in that company.These problem could decrease when they are working because of their own talents, passions, and strenghts.For myself, I agree that I will feel happy to work with my own talents such as I can speak foreign language such as English and I can drive car very well.Moreover ,I feel happy when I have passions such as art, music, environment and a better life. Plus,I found the happiness in work when I have my strenghts for examples being honestly and doing very well all the time in our job. Finally, it is good to having people who can give advice and encouragement to me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

english is part of my life

a'kum.I am SazwanI but you can call me commercial name is KENJIWIN.nice to meet you