Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Advertistment at games or movies Companies creat products and services with target to successfully advertising get people attract to own and buy their their product. First reason is because the product give good image and convince to use them.Advertisment at games creat to make youth or games lover to feel proud use that product. For example, Sony is famous with playstation games as it trademark. It's attract people because it show it good quality such as buy Sony's radio set. Another reason is advertisement at movies can attract people to use certain product like Saif Ali Khan the Bollywood's actor who is busy in his carier always keep looking clean hair without dandruff or hair fall problem . From that reasons ,people who want to have good look can get their product to be like him. Lastly, they can use famous brand or model as their market strategy but the most important here,they want the consumers want get the advantages and take care of the safety from the products so that it will last used until next generations and furthur years .

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