Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The television commercial the new of Pepsi are so creative, funny and full of style. First, it is as creative as you can see there are someone tries to steal his friend drink by fight over him. For examples, they are using the Kung fu to fight each other and suddenly his friend’s drop his head which actually using people behind the scene being part of his body. Next, it is so funny that they are using people behind the scene to create a style for their fight. For examples, they are fighting with full of hilarious actions at living hall and kitchen. Moreover, it also full of style .For examples, they are fight with slow motion movement and his friend is try to climb at the wall. After a while, there are still no winners until suddenly a woman appears and open her black mask and quickly catch the drink. Finally, she won to taste the maximum taste of Pepsi without the sugar and it is successfully to promote the commercial with so creative, funny and full of style.

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